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Wasp Removal Aurora

The appearance of wasps varies depending on the species. The most common ones have a pinched waist and two sets of wings. Wasps also come in a variety of colors from blue to metallic green and they vary in size as well.

Common Wasps Species

  • Eastern Cicada Killer
  • Great Black Wasp
  • European Paper Wasp
  • Mud Dauber Wasps
  • Ground Wasps
  • Red Wasps
  • Paper Wasps
  • Spider Wasp
  • Sawflies

Understanding the Behavior of Wasps

There are species of wasps that are social which means they live in colonies and they are also some that are solitary. With the social category, colonies have female workers that do all the duties within their nest. The solitary ones live alone and do not belong to a colony. A solitary wasp will lay eggs but the eggs are left to hatch on their own.

Most wasps are aggressive and will sting anyone that threatens them. Unlike honey bees, these creatures are capable of stinging an attacker multiple times in a row.

Signs that There is a Wasp Infestation in Your Property

The signs vary depending on the species but if you find their nest, you most definitely have a wasp infestation in your home. Call a wasp exterminator from Father & Son Pest Control for a wasp removal and wasp control service.

Wasp Removal

How to Get Rid of Wasps

The best way for you to drive the wasps in your property away is by seeking the help of a wasp exterminator for a wasp control and wasp removal service. Doing treatments and procedures on your own can seem like a breeze but a wasp exterminator is professionally trained in handling and removing nests of wasps in the safest and most efficient manner. Below are the reasons why it is best to hire a wasp exterminator from Father & Son Pest Control rather than doing wasp control on your own.

  • Safety equipment - professionals have access to PPE or personal protective equipment and to RPE or respiratory protective equipment. This means they are fully protected from the stings of wasps.
  • Working in dark, tight spaces - a wasp exterminator is qualified to work in all types of spaces including the attic. Unlike a homeowner, a specialist can safely remove a nest from the property.
  • Expert knowledge - a wasp exterminator has expert knowledge when it comes to wasps. A specialist knows all about their instincts and behavior and they also know the best ways to identify an allergic reaction from a wasp sting.

Wasp Removal

The Best Wasp Exterminators in the Country

Hiring a professional costs money which is why you want to ensure you are only receiving the best assistance from the best wasp exterminators. Father & Son Pest Control is exactly what you need and they guarantee that the wasp control and wasp removal processes they employ are 100% effective.

When you hire Father & Son Pest Control, they will use an integrated approach, employing a variety of efficient and effective methods of wasp control. Their integrated program involves inspection of the entire property, documentation of removal methods, educating the homeowner, selection of a wasp control method, cultural controls, exclusion, and sanitation. Father & Son Pest Control also provides emergency services, so call their service hotline whenever you need assistance in removing wasp infestations.

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